The history of the Lattuca family was born in 1954, when they opened their own boutique in Agrigento, a Sicilian city known as the City of temples.

Tradition and dynamic competence are the guiding values ​​that lead from year to year, to the acquisition of historical brands of Italian jewelery and of the most prestigious European and international watch and fashion brands, which today represent the luxury market in the world.

As well as in the boutiques and in our corners in the most enchanting hotels on the island, becomes a suggestive itinerary of products available to a selective and elegant public.

Official dealers of all the brands selected for you, this guarantees the customer a unique experience, where the choice of original products translates into the creation of a special relationship between the customer and the represented company. For the first time Lattuca offers an elegant showcase dedicated entirely to the world of jewelery, watches and fashion.

For a concept of luxury that is not limited to the price, but translates into constant research, which varies from master goldsmiths and watchmakers to icons of international fashion, not forgetting emerging designers and brands with a handcraft flavor.

Far from the concept of "outlet", offers the latest collections of prestigious Italian brands and leading brands in the luxury scene. Our philosophy is based on the concept of "Made in Italy" as a synonym of high production standards, craftsmanship, originality and luxury. Good navigation