We support hospitals in the province of Agrigento

Each of us can play our part in the battle against Covid-19. Only by staying at home can we really stop him. But in the province of Agrigento there are not enough places in intensive care. And this is already an emergency! The provincial health authority is racing against time to increase beds.

Lattuca Gioielli has thus decided to donate € 10 for each order we receive on our site.

The money raised will be channeled into the Fundraiser in collaboration with the AGire Foundation together for the provincial health authority of Agrigento conceived and promoted by Piero Barone, Lello Analfino, Silvio Schembri, Sergio Friscia, Gianfranco Jannuzzo, Pino Cuttaia and Daniele Magro (prominent artists and personalities from Agrigento).

Following the indications that will be provided by the Healthcare Company - you will purchase medical equipment, personal protective equipment, disinfectants and all that the hospitals of Agrigento, Licata, Canicattì, Sciacca and Ribera will need to deal with the Coronavirus emergency.